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Dania  s. Fernandez

Dania S. Fernandez is a mother, wife, and successful entrepreneur who demonstrates the strength of the values she passionately discusses in her book.

Her narrative began with a young romance that grew into a lifelong relationship. She met her spouse when she was 15 years old, and they have been married for 29 years, preceded by nine years of companionship. Their marriage is one of strength, understanding, and shared values, laying the groundwork for a healthy family life.

As a mother of three, she has managed her children’s various pathways with grace and drive. Her eldest child, an attorney, exemplifies her dedication to intellectual brilliance and justice. Her daughter bravely overcame academic challenges and is living proof of the family’s perseverance and unconditional love. Her youngest child, a promising entrepreneur, embodies her entrepreneurial energy and commitment.


Her professional trajectory is both fantastic and motivating. She began her career as a special education teacher and holds a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, a Special Education add-on certification, and a Master’s in Gifted Education. However, her drive for education and personal challenge drove her to take a drastic turn, seeking a law degree while juggling the obligations of being a mom to two young children. This daring approach exemplifies her versatility and resilience.

She has run her law firm in Florida for almost 23 years, aggressively advocating for her clients and developing a reputation for competence and integrity. Her function further strengthens her legal work as a life coach and mentor, which she undertook after intensive training in a prominent coaching school. This position has allowed her to impact people’s lives outside the courtroom, leading them toward greater well-being and personal achievement.

Her story exemplifies the themes she discusses in “Navigating Life’s Currents: The Wave of You Breaking Patterns.” Her life exemplifies these values from awareness and acceptance to resilience and transformation. As an entrepreneur, she constantly seeks new opportunities and is motivated to grow and make a positive difference.

In “Navigating Life’s Currents: The Wave of You Breaking Patterns,” she reveals a methodology and a bit of her spirit. It is an invitation to accompany her on a journey of discovery, growth, and transformation, led by ideas that have impacted her life and the lives of those she has influenced

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